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Frequently Asked Questions

Duty Free

Who can shop at Aelia Duty Free stores?
Any traveller can shop at Aelia Duty Free stores. You will find our stores in a wide array of airports located in Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Italy, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Poland, and United Kingdom.
What does "Duty Free" mean?
"Duty Free" is a term that describes goods that are tax-exempted. Consumers buying "Duty Free" products are exempted from paying the duty normally imposed on those.
Who can buy Duty Free?
Only passengers travelling outside of the EU, or in French overseas departments and territories, can benefit from Duty Free prices on spirits and tobacco. All other categories of product in our stores are available at a Duty Free price regardless of your end destination: when you buy a product in our stores, your purchase is tax-exempted with no further formalities.
Starting 01/01/2021, new conditions may apply whether you fly from European Union to Great Britain, or from the United Kingdom to European Union following Brexit. Please click here to know more about your shopping experience on AeliaDutyFree.com
CatégoriesUnique Duty Free Price
Perfume Yes
Make-up Yes
Skin-care Yes
Wines Yes
Spirits No
Champagne Yes
Confectionery Yes
Fine Food Yes
Tobacco No
Fashion Accessories Yes
Electronics Yes


Can I find tobacco products at Aelia Duty Free stores?
Yes, you can find a wide array of tobacco products (tobacco, cigars and cigarettes) in our stores. However, please note that the purchase and sale of tobacco products is reserved for persons who are 18 years and older.
What brands can I find at Aelia Duty Free stores?
You will find a wide array of the world's best perfumes & cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, confectionery, fine food, electronics and fashion brands. If looking for a specific brand, do not hesitate to contact our stores to get more information about its availability. Please note that the purchase and sale of tobacco and alcoholic products is reserved for persons who are 18 years and older.
What does Travel Exclusive means?
"Travel Exclusive" qualifies the product we offer that can only be found in our stores and not outside of the free-trade zones, which means you won’t find it any other local market. It has been specially conceived for sales in our stores or at airports in general.


Can I buy from this website?
It is currently not possible to buy on our website. 
This website allows you to benefit from the Click & Collect service: you can pre-order online your favorite products among a selection of our available offer in our stores.
You can pre-order your products until 5 days before your flight and 12 hours minimum before your flight. You should fill your flight information to confirm your pre-order and to know the rate that will apply to your order (flight destination determines the duty free or duty paid rates). You will pay the day of your departure in store, at the priority cash desk. 
How can I check the store availability of an item I am interested in?
If your product is out of stock, do not hesistate to subscribe to our alert to know when your product is newly available. 
What is Aelia's store exchange/return policy?
If you have any enquiries regarding returns or refunds, please contact our customer service via the “Contact Us” section in the footer.
Can I return items I purchased on sale?
If you have any enquiries regarding returns or refunds, please contact our customer service via the “Contact Us” section in the footer. Check the product availability on our website thanks to the mentions "In stock" or "Available soon". If the product is not available, do not hesitate to subscribe to the product alert. 
What payment methods does Aelia accept?
We offer several payment options in our stores, accepting most credit cards and foreign currencies.
What documents do I need in order to shop at Aelia duty free stores ?
You will only need to show your boarding pass in order to shop at Aelia Duty Free stores.
How many duty free items am I allowed to purchase?
Customs allowances are set depending on your destination. In order to find how many items you are allowed to purchase/bring with you, please visit our Customs Allowances.
I have purchased liquid, aerosol or gel products at Aelia Duty Free stores. Can my purchases be confiscated when passing through security for my connecting flight?
In January 2014, the European Union (EU) implemented new regulations that apply to the way Liquids, Aerosols or Gels (LAGs) are packed and screened via Security in Europe (EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway), USA, Canada and Australia. You are now able to carry LAGs through Security when transiting at these airports, providing they are packed in officially approved Sealed, Tamper Evident Bags (STEBs). When purchasing LAGs at Aelia Duty Free stores, we will automatically pack your purchase into a STEBs in accordance with the new guidelines.


Where can I find Aelia Duty Free shops?
You will find Aelia Duty Free stores in a wide array of airports throughout the world. 
What are the opening hours for Aelia Duty Free stores?
Every Aelia Duty Free store has it specific opening hours. 

Customer Service

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Benefit Cosmetics is committed to the highest levels of quality and doing what’s right for our customers. Out of an abundance of caution, we are initiating a voluntary recall of our Gimme Brow product after discovering that recent batches of the product did not meet our stringent quality standards.

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We sincerely regret the inconvenience this recall may cause

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